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Random Business School case generator

Viewing the world through the limited lens of HBS

During my MBA year, we were made to read lots of case studies. The largest single source of these case studies was, of course, Harvard Business School. After reading a few of these cases, my classmates and I started to notice that they always sounded the same, whatever the subject matter and nature of the business that they dealt with. I soon started to wonder if it would be possible to write a random case generator and sell it to Harvard Business School. After all, selling case studies to other business schools is undoubtedly a significant money-earner for HBS. However, as one of my classmates quipped, they clearly already have a random case generator.

Anyway, just to make the point, I decided to write my own “Random Business School” case generator, (inspired by the Postmodernism Generator):


The similarity to the HBS cases is intentional. Enjoy!

The Random Business School case generator is a Ruby on Rails web app. Credits are due to Succubus, a random text generator in Ruby.